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Want to have a go?

If you have never paddled before then the best thing to do is initially come to our club night and see what we get up to. If you like what you see you can book a boat, we will inform you when there will be one available for you to paddle.

Eight years old is our official minimum age although younger members are allowed as family members with parents who are competent paddlers.

During the summer months the club meets at Draycote Water on a Monday evening. Please use the link below to book a boat and explain on your email that you are a beginner/new starter. This allows us to make sure a boat is available for you and to arrange coaching.

Please note that the club coaches always reserve the right to say who can paddle on the night depending on weather conditions and paddling experience. If the weather looks bad please feel free to check with us before the night.

During the winter months the club meets at the Rugby School Pool on Friday evening. The nature of a pool session means that its much smaller and easier to manage so new potential members are welcome to come along any Friday. Numbers are limited for boats in the pool, you may not get to paddle in your first week, but it does give you a chance to come and observe the club.

Please book your place here.

Come and try it… What to Bring?

When you arrive for your paddling our BCU trained coaches will explain the basics to you, sort you out with all the required equipment and get you on the water. As a club we encourage you to come along and try it for three sessions, then if you decide you are enjoying it we request that you join the club and we discuss membership with you.

For Summer Sessions on Draycote Water you will need:

For on the Water:

For Winter Sessions in the Pool you will need: