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Boat Booking & Fees

We have a system to book club boats for the summer and winter sessions, this is due to the limited number of boats we have at the club.

To book a boat the preferred method will be to send an email to bookings@rugbycanoeclub.org.uk .

If necessary you can send a text or ring Jeff Asplin.

When you ask for a boat please make sure you give your name, the date you want the boat (for pool sessions which session) and your preferred boat. A list is below. We will try to book the boat you want or will allocate the next best if this is no longer available.

If you are a new starter or don't know which boat to select please could you give us a rough idea of your size so we can try to select a suitable boat.

Rules for booking boats are:

Once requested you agree to pay for it. If it's cancelled and later re-let you will not be charged. You cannot book consecutive weeks until later in the week. This is to ensure that everyone has a reasonable chance to get a boat at least once every 2 weeks.

Draycote Paddling


Draycote Boat Hire (in addition to paddling fee)




Annual Membership - Full Adult


Annual Membership - Junior or Full Time Student


Annual Membership - Additional Family Member


Boat Hire away from Draycote (per day)


The general purpose models of boats available are below listed in a rough size of smallest to largest:

Dynamo, TG Lite, RPM, TG, Acro 270, Acro 275, GT, Cerro, G3, Karnali, CFS.

The more specialist boats are:

Charleston (Touring Boat), Open Canoes, Topo Duo, Marathon Racer, White Water Racer, Slalom Kayak

We also have 2 standup paddle boards. Both are RED Paddle Co 10’6 Ride . These are suitable for most people.

Fees from Sept 2017